UGA I, II, & III Mascots, University of Georgia - 1978

Beginning in 1956, Savannahian Frank W. “Sonny” Seiler furnished the tenacious, square-jawed UGAs – I, II, and III – as the University of Georgia’s official mascots. UGA I’s reign began in 1956 and ended at a homecoming pre-game ceremony in 1966, when his son UGA II succeeded him. UGA II died in 1972 and was buried in Sanford Stadium beside his father, whose grave marker is inscribed “Damn Good Dog.” UGA III, whose reign began in 1973, was the first mascot member of the jet-set age, often traveling to games in his own custom built carrier provided by Delta Airlines. He swaggered onto the field sporting a red sweater emblazoned with the letter “G” to watch the battles from inside his very own air-conditioned fire hydrant. The UGA Dynasty, often noted in national television and magazine commentaries, has brought great recognition to their hometown and caregivers. Immeasurable thanks is owed to the Seiler family.

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