Know an Outstanding Local Athlete?

Do you know of an outstanding athlete from the Greater Savannah Area? Please use this form to nominate them for possible inclusion in the GSAHOF.

Nomination Submission Form

Nominations should be mailed to:

Greater Savannah Athletic Hall of Fame
P.O. Box 983
Savannah, Georgia 31402

The Greater Savannah Athletic Hall of Fame wants to thank you for participating in our nominating process. The GSAHF has been in existence since 1966. As Savannah's Athletic Hall of Fame, we take pride in chronicling the rich and storied history of sports in Savannah.

The nomination of individuals for induction is a very important part of the Hall of Fame. Please read the following carefully to ensure your nomination is complete and complies with the selection guidelines.

The information provided for the nominee must relate directly to the category selected. For example, if the individual is nominated in the citation category, information on his or her playing career, at any level, is not needed and will not be used for consideration for induction into the GSAHF. By the same token, the nomination of an athlete should focus only on his or her accomplishments in the chosen sport.

Requirements for Selection to the Hall of Fame

  • The athlete to be considered must have spent his or her formative years (participating in area schools) within the Greater Savannah area and must not have competed in the sport in which the athlete excelled for five years or must be at least 40 years of age. Lifelong sports such as golf, tennis, and bowling are exceptions. Additional consideration is accorded to athletes who excelled beyond the local level.
  • A complete resume must be submitted for each nominee and must be as complete as possible. Anyone may submit a resume. Citation Nomination Honorees which can also be organizations, are honored for contributions to athletics through coaching, financial support, moral support and instruction.
  • Citation Honorees would not have had to spend their formative years in Savannah to be nominated.
  • A complete resume must be submitted for each nominee and must be complete as possible. Anyone may submit a resume.


All nominees go through at least a three-tiered screening process. Decisions are made by The Honors Court and are approved by the GSAHF Board of Trustees.

For the nominations to be considered, the form must be filled out completely and accurately in the space provided. If the form is not filled out properly, it will be sent back to the nominator for revision. Nominations must be typed or printed legibly on the nomination form provided by the GSAHOF and returned to the GSAHOF no later than January 30th of each year. Revisions will also be due back to the GSAHOF on or before January 31. Nomination attachments are not required but can be included. There may be no more than six attached sheets included. Attachments can be letters of support, newspaper or magazine articles, or documents directly related to the nominee's sports achievements and character. Attachments are not to be used as a continuation of the nomination form.

Athletes and Citation Honoree nominations are submitted for consideration for three (3) years, after which point, if no NEW, PERTINENT material is submitted, their name will be removed from consideration. New documentation is not material that is already in submission.

Membership Application / Renewal Form

Please complete the attached form and mail to:

The Greater Savannah Athletic Hall of Fame
P.O. Box 983
Savannah GA 31402

Membership Application / Renewal Form