Luke Kromenhoek - Football, 2024

Luke Kromenhoek’s high school career is an exemplary showcase of athleticism, versatility, and leadership. His journey from a multi-faceted role player to a leading quarterback who carried Benedictine High School deep into the playoffs, and even to a state championship, speaks volumes of his development and potential. Luke’s background in basketball and lacrosse at the prep level adds a rich layer to his athletic profile. • Luke’s primary sport is football. 2021 Season: Luke's role as a primary backup, wide receiver, and safety, along with his involvement in special teams, underscores his versatile skill set and team-oriented approach. This experience, particularly catching passes and making tackles, would have honed his understanding of the game from various perspectives, enriching his football IQ and making him a more rounded player. • 2022 Season: Transitioning to a starting quarterback role and leading his team to a state title as a first-year starter is an incredible feat. This season marked a significant evolution in Luke’s game, demonstrating not only his ability to lead a team but also showcasing his dual-threat capability. The improvement in passing efficiency and substantial rushing yards underscores his dynamic playmaking ability. • 2023 Season: Luke’s senior year statistics further cement his status as a standout quarterback. Leading Benedictine to a 13-1 record and into the semifinals with both his arm and his legs reflects his maturity and growth as a player. • Luke also participated in Elite 11 national QB com • Luke has accepted a scholarship to play football at Florida State University.

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