McMillan, William Davis “W.D.” - 2000

McMillan spent the greater part of his 6-year career in journalism as sport editor of the Savannah Morning News. He put together some of the best sports pages in the South, bringing to his daily readers stories, features, and scores from the local, state, national, and international fields of competition.
McMillan covered South Atlantic League baseball in the pre-Depression years, before the league was suspended due to the nation’s economic conditions. He was one of the leaders in the movement to revive the league in the late 1930s, and then again following the suspension of play during World War II.
He also served as official scorer for the home games of the Savannah Indians. McMillan served two consecutive terms as president of the South Atlantic Baseball Writers Association before the wartime suspension. After the war, he filled the office of secretary. Over the years, Mr. McMillan tutored and encouraged budding young reporters in the art of journalism.

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