McCollum, Frederick G. “Buddy” - 1976

McCollum came to Savannah after a distinguished athletic career as a player at Auburn University and a coach at two Alabama colleges: Livingston State and Troy State.
McCollum served fourteen years as the first athletic director of the Savannah-Chatham County Public School System from 1951-65. He succeeded in bringing together the separate high schools under the umbrella of the athletic department, expanding their coaching staff, and building a system that produced outstanding teams and players.
McCollum played a key role in persuading governing authorities to erect Memorial Stadium as a means of upgrading athletics. After construction of the facility, revenue from football almost doubled.
During the McCollum years, more gyms were built, coaching staffs were increased on both the high school and junior levels, and the annual Christmas Invitational Basketball Tournament was born. The revival of track and field sports events took place in the public school system under McCollum’s direction.

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