Hicks, Samuel W. - 2003

Samuel Hicks was a volunteer whose dedication to the youth of the community was displayed through his unselfish giving of time, talent, and money. He coached Little League teams for the east side from 1957-63 and then moved to the west side where he coached football, basketball, and baseball near Cann Park. Mr. Hicks was an outstanding coach whose teams won many championships and received many awards. He was the type of coach who prepared his players for competition at higher levels. Mr. Hicks and his family gave financial support, provided transportation, and meals after games to players throughout the years. Eventually, with support of Russell’s Sporting Goods he was able to purchase complete uniforms for his teams and provide trophies for his players at their end-of-season banquets. On February 2, 2001, Samuel Hicks was given a resolution from the State of Georgia in recognition of his dedication to the youth of Savannah. The City of Savannah dedicated a day in his honor and renamed Cann Park “Samuel W. Hicks Athletic Field.”

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