Frank Callen - 1988

Although Frank Callen Boy’s Club provides athletic training for youngsters, it’s primary goal is more serious – giving young people an outlet that helps keep them from becoming a crime statistic. The club was organized in 1917 by Frank Callen, a probation officer with juvenile court. Callen recognized a need for such an organization through his work with troubled youth.
He opened the first one of its kind in the city basement of the Beach Institute. Five years later, the club was recognized by the Boys’ Club of America. In 1932, Callen was honored by the national Boys’ Club with a bronze medal and later a bronze bar. In 1960, the Frank Callen Boys’ Club moved to its present site.
The club offers competition for boys in various sports, including boxing, football, basketball, and baseball, but has also expanded its role. As of 1988, youths can work with computers, arts and crafts, read in the library, and even receive tutoring.

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