Carellas, Gus - 1991

In 1933, Savannah was in the midst of a deep depression and mired in financial crisis. The farthest thing from the minds of city officials was organizing sporting activities for idle youth. At the time, there was only one man in charge of recreation and a few softball teams. But Gus Carellas, only a few years older than many of the city’s teenagers, saw the need and moved to fill it.
He organized a football team known as the “Red Flashers” gave the young people of Gwinnett, Bolton, and Waldburg streets an outlet for their energies and an escape from the dreary economic plight of the country. The Flashers became known as the Pals, but Carellas maintained high standards of conduct and sportsmanship.
The Pals obtained great success and were City Playground Champions for three consecutive years. Several of Carella’s young players went on to become businessmen and professionals in the community; and many of them credit Carellas as a positive influence on their lives.

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