Kris Edge - Baseball, 2024

Kris Edge's contributions to the Georgia Bulldogs' baseball program during the early 2000s were instrumental in the team's resurgence and success. As a native of Savannah, Georgia, having played at Savannah Christian Prep Edge played a pivotal role in two landmark seasons for the Bulldogs. In 2001, Edge was a key member of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) championship team that achieved a remarkable feat by advancing to the College World Series. This marked Georgia's first appearance in the CWS since 1990, and it secured the program's first league title since 1954. The team's impressive 47-22 record, including a strong 20-10 performance in the SEC, underscored their dominance and marked a turning point for Georgia baseball. Building on the momentum from their successful 2001 season, Edge and the Bulldogs continued to make history in 2002. They reached the finals of the NCAA Atlanta Regional. This achievement represented the first time in school history that Georgia had made back-to-back trips to the NCAA Tournament, further solidifying their status as a competitive force in collegiate baseball. Edge's contributions both on the field and in the locker room were invaluable during these historic seasons. His leadership, dedication, and skill set the tone for the team's success and helped establish a winning culture within the program. Overall, Edge's role in Georgia baseball's resurgence during the early 2000s remains a defining chapter in the program's history. His impact continues to be remembered and celebrated by Bulldogs fans, serving as a reminder of the team's remarkable achievements and the enduring legacy of its players.

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