Wilson, Dr. Cheatham - Firearms, 1966

Wilson, Dr. Cheatham (Firearms, 1966) A charter inductee of the Greater Savannah Athletic Hall of Fame, Wilson was a national champion marksman with both the rifle and shotgun. The late dentist made the Forest City Gun Club one of the foremost skeet shooting organizations in the world through his leadership and generosity. In 1928, Wilson made the exclusive “Who’s Who in American Sports” – a listing compiled by Grantland Rice. He was the only man at the time to have won national championships with a rifle and shotgun. Wilson’s accomplishments were many: From 1894-99 – Georgia State rifle team, National Military Matches, Sea Girt, and New Jersey. From 1894-97 – Trenton Interstate All-Military Championship of America in Sea Girt title, Wimbledon Cup title at 1,000 yards for long range championship of America, won individual Military Rifle Championship of America with a shotgun at live pigeons. In 1899 – U.S. Military rifle champion, won Grand Prix of Aiken, S.C. at 100 live pigeons (three times). When Wilson died in 1950, he left an endowment to the Forest City Gun Club with which to build its permanent headquarters and shooting ranges. It would be the future site of many World Skeet Tournaments and was considered among the finest skeet shooting facilities in the world.

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