Wilensky, William T. - Bowling, 1973

A Savannah native, William Wilensky began bowling at age fourteen in 1914 and won numerous trophies in local tournaments and in local leagues for many years following. In 1934, he gained membership in the 700 Club for a three-game total of 745. In 1947, Wilensky had the high single scratch score (670) in the Southeastern Tournament. Six years later in 1953, he won the Georgia State Championship and the Silver Cup (197 average at the state meet).
In 1956, Wilensky was honored by local bowlers with a tournament named in his honor. He was honored by the Savannah Bowling Association (1956-57) for his years of achievement and contributions to bowling. Wilensky was similarly honored in 1968 by the SOC League on the occasion of his 71st birthday.

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