Tomat, John R. “Butch” - Basketball, 1984

John Tomat was an outstanding athlete at amateur and professional levels. During his high school years he excelled in basketball and baseball, though baseball was the only sport offered at his school: Commercial High. After serving in World War II, Tomat played for the Cracker Athletic Club, one of Savannah’s finest amateur athletic groups, competing in both softball and basketball. In 1946, Tomat instituted a full sports program at Commercial High. A year later, he accepted a baseball contract with the Augusta Tigers. His contract was than purchased by Sanford, Florida of the Florida State League. With Sanford, he posted a 13-5 record and had a .309 batting average. But his pro career was ended over a contract dispute after the 1947 season. Tomat returned to Savannah and played for the Cracker Athletic Club in softball and Post 135 in baseball, leading both teams to many outstanding seasons. He was enshrined in the Savannah Softball Hall of Fame in 1991, its inaugural year.

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