Skeadas, John A. - Firearms, 1973

Skeadas took up shooting at age ten and entered his first competition at age thirteen. This beginning marks the start of his developing into one of the finest shooters in the nation.
Skeadas went on to be the mainstay of the rifle teams at Benedictine Military School (1946-49) and the University of Georgia. While at Georgia, he captained the Bulldogs Riflemen in 1953-54 and won championships at the state, region, and national levels.
In 1950, Skeadas tied the World Record with 400 hits out of 400 tries from 50 yards out with a .22 target rifle. This was the first perfect score on the difficult Wilmington Island Range. Johnny Skeadas is also an outstanding amateur golfer and ranks up there with the best in the area.

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