Saussy, Judge Gordon - Football, 1979

Judge Saussy played football for Cornell University from 1894-95 and was regarded as one of the institution’s finest halfbacks during an ear when the team was a national power. Saussy was also a member on the Cornell crew and the track team.
At the end of his collegiate career, Saussy joined the coaching staff at the University of Georgia under the legendary Coach Warner. After Warner took a job with Calisle after the 1896 season, Saussy remained as an assistant coach under Charles McCarthy. After two years in this position, Saussy became the youngest head coach for the university’s football team in 1899. He was only 25 years of age at the time and remains the only Savannahian to hold the title of head coach.
Saussy returned to Savannah in the early 1900’s and was one of the organizers and players on the Savannah All-Star team. This famed semi-pro team included many well-known Savannah athletes. Saussy later served twice as Mayor of Savannah and as Ordinary of Chatham County.

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