Ricky Huggins - Softball, 2014

Ricky Huggins is widely regarded as the greatest slow-pitch softball player to ever play in Savannah. He played for professional softball teams in the 1970s, ‘80s and 90s and was a national MVP nine times and an American Softball Association All American 28 times. His awesome power behind the plate was revered throughout the country, and his legend was large enough that an entire line of softball bats was named for him and bore his autograph. He played on an incredible 22 national championship teams and hit 565 homeruns during the 1987 season alone. He was selected as an All American at four positions – third base, first base, pitcher and right field – and he’s ranked No. 19 on the All-Time All World Team. Huggins was named a member of the ASA’s 1990s Team of the Decade and was declared the 1990s Player of the Decade. He has been inducted into the Georgia ASA Hall of Fame and the United States Specialty Sports Association Softball Hall of Fame. The myths of Huggins’ towering homeruns will live as long as softball is played in Savannah.

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