Otto Aliffi - 2010

Otto Aliffi was an outstanding boxer in Savannah from 1946 until 1948. He began boxing with the Catholic Young Peoples Association and then the Union Bag Athletic Club. Otto trained under such notables as Grady Bragg, Monkey Lodge, and Dedi Mathews. In September 1948, Otto participated in the Golden Gloves Tournament in Jacksonville, Florida and was crowned the Champion of the 118lb Bantam Weight Division. In December 1948, Otto enlisted in the United States Marine Corp where he boxed for the Parris Island boxing team with much success. He continued that success when he was transferred to Quantico, VA. After his tour in the USMC, Otto returned to his home in Savannah for several months. At this point in his life and encouraged by family, Otto enlisted in the US Army where he continued his boxing and served for 24 years. Altogether Otto participated in 138 amateur bouts. His record was 132 wins, 5 loses and 1 draw. One of the loses he avenged in a rematch. Otto never lost a fight in the Savannah area.

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