Newton, Sr., Ralph - Firearms, 1971

Newton gained fame as a championship skeet shooter when he won the World title at Virginia Beach in 1959. A member of the All-American Skeet team and a world champion, he also took honors as World Parent and Child runner up from 1959-62 shooting with his son, Ralph Jr.
Newton was Georgia State All-Around Champion ten times (between 1950-62), Georgia State Two-Man champion ten times while teamed with partner W.S. Roberts (1950-58) and son Ralph Jr. (1959-62). He was also the Georgia State Five-Man Team champion eleven times with the Forest City Gun Club team and the Southeastern champion five times. Lastly, Newton placed first as the Cheatham Wilson Memorial champion eight times and the Forest City Gun Club champion.
For years, Newton was the resident manager of the Forest City Gun Club. Many of Savannah’s outstanding shooters came under his tutelage.

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