Kiene, Tommy “Killer” - Boxing, 1967

Kiene scored 60 knockouts and boasted an 84-7 fight record as a professional boxer. An 115-pounder once ranked in the world for his weight class, Kiene began fighting at age eighteen as a member of the Savannah Catholic Club. He turned pro in 1938 after winning 24 straight fights as an amateur. Two years later, he was billed by New York sportswriters as the “next bantamweight champion of the world.” Kiene fought the best bantams and flyweights in the world, having main event bouts in Havana, New York, New Orleans, Miami, Cincinnati, and Washington. He competed in the Southern Bantam Championships from 1939-45. During his career, he fought greats such as: Kid Chocolate, Padro Medina, Aurel Toma, Kid Lou Transperonti, and Jack Lesli.

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