Hutson, Jr., George H. - Baseball, 1986

While playing baseball at Savannah High, Hutson was encouraged into the pitching position by Coach Earl Etheridge. During his first year at the position, he led SHS to the Region and South Georgia championships, posting an 11-1 record and an earned run average under one run. Georgia Southern College granted Hutson a scholarship after graduation. During his collegiate career, he was a three-year letterman. In the NAIA National Tournament, he posted a .75, won two games in relief by pitching eleven innings of shut-out ball, fanning thirteen batters, and allowing only three hits. The Baltimore Orioles signed Hutson in his junior year at GSC. He successfully worked up the Orioles’ ladder at Bluefield, Miami – which won the Class A Florida State League. He then signed with the Chicago Cubs, who drafted him out of the Orioles’ camp. Hutson’s W-L record with the team was 12-5. An arm injury shortened his winning career, forcing him to retire in 1976 while with Mexico City.

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