Brantley, Frank - Auto Racing, 2003

Brantley’s race car driving career spans almost fifty years. His record boasts over 300 wins and countless second and third place awards. There is not other player competing in dirt model races with more victories than Brantley. He began racing in 1954 at Savannah’s Oglethorpe Speedway Park in a Flat Head Ford and has competed against some of the best drivers in the business during his career. Brantley has always built his own cars and financed his racing from his own pocket. He has won three season titles at Oglethorpe and two championships in Jacksonville, Florida and Lake City, Florida. While driving for Jacksonville Racing Legend Speedy Sears in the mid-1960s, Brantley posted more than twenty wins in one season. In 1995, Frank Brantley was inducted into the Jacksonville Speedway Hall of Fame. The next year, he was inducted into both The Dawsonville Hall of Fame and the Oglethorpe Speedway Hall of Fame. He is an amazing athlete who has accomplished much in his sport.

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