Becker, Johnny - Racquetball, 1991

Becker came to racquetball later in life, picking up the sport at age 50. He rapidly established his credentials as force in the sport across the state and beyond. In 1981, he won the first JEA round-robin racquetball tournament, beating all comers from age 18 on. He was 59 at the time. In 1985, Becker progressed further, winning the City Racquetball Championship in the 40’s division. The same year, he won the Georgia Singles Racquetball Championship and finished second in the National Singles Racquetball Championship in the Golden Masters Division. The next year, Becker’s legacy went international. He won first place in the North American National Gold Masters in Albuquerque. Two years later, he won first place in the National Golden Masters Invitational doubles racquetball championship with partner Lake Westphall. In 1989, he capped his career by wining the National Golden Masters Singles title and later finishing third in the World’s International Golden Masters championship. In his youth, Becker played varsity football, baseball, and basketball at Farmingdale High on Long Island, N.Y.

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