Greater Savannah Athletic Hall of Fame

In the spring of 1965, a group of sports-minded Savannahians met for a luncheon meeting. This group of individuals founded the Greater Savannah Athletic Hall of Fame. The following is a list of these founders:

The Founders

First Elected President - James M. Artley

First Vic President - Neal Ellis

Founding Board of Trustees

Nick Athanas, Leo E. Center, Carl Griffin, Ashley K. Dearing, Jr., Robert LaMotte, Ivey M. "Chick" Shivers, Thomas "Buck" Stevens, H.S. Bounds, G. Fred Garis, Al B. Jennings, Judge Julius S. Fine, Nick Mamalakis, Harry T. Shore, Jr. and J. Rogers Templeton

2017 Greater Savannah Athletic Hall of Fame Officers

  • President - Jeff Karesh
  • Vice President - David Denhard
  • Secretary - Dawn Odom
  • Treasurer - Jason Bush

Greater Savannah Athletic Hall of Fame Board of Trustees

  • Charlie Brown
  • David Denhard
  • Blake Greco
  • Marty Johnson
  • David Sipple
  • Dale Parker
  • Marlon Barefield
  • Joe Cetti
  • Earl Etheridge
  • Herbert Griffin
  • Jeff Karesh
  • Daniel Thompson
  • Horace Luten
  • Roosevelt Coleman
  • Jim Golden
  • Frank Hardemann
  • Jimmy Ray
  • Stephen Weeks
  • Jason Bush